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This will probably offend you…

17 Aug

Coming in Hot: Ramblings on religion.

Is it not selfish and a bit ridiculous how we humans assume that we know the answers to questions that mankind’s incapable of obtaining?

The Meaning of Life?

What’s our purpose? How did we get here? What happens to us when we die? We (and by “we” I mean mankind) need to humble ourselves and admit that we don’t know the true answers. It must also be accepted that religion is something worthy of questioning. Take a look at yourself, you wouldn’t blindly follow anything else with as little factual evidence as religion.
Without hesitation, Christians believe that God sent himself as his son on a suicide mission to rid mankind of sin. Good thing that worked out and us humans are pure again. The irony here is obvious to a cynical dick like myself, the organization that was founded on the premise of getting rid of sin is the most corrupt and perverted creation in mankind’s history. Religion has fueled just a good part of the world’s wars. Every nation goes to war under the belief that their god is on their side. If the corruption of religion isn’t apparent enough for you, maybe you should look at the holiest places in the world.

The biggest shithole in the world is also the holiest.

The Holy Land - The Middle East

All of the holy sites of the main religions are located in the Middle East. You know that place you wouldn’t visit in your worst nightmares. Is that purely a coincidence that this area fucking blows? Or is it a direct result of a religious power struggle that has been going on for millennia? Muslims make up a story and say that the one of the holiest places in the Jewish faith is also important to them so they take over the land and turn the holy temple into a mosque. Is either side right? Probably not but either way… bitch move.

See below for the Pop Culture equivalent of this.

Pop-culture equivalent of Muslims v. Jews

Getting back on topic here, let’s jump to the main problem with religion.

Religion prevents thought.

Religion permits humans to act with a mob mentality and completely overrides our ability to be rational, to think, to care.. Humans didn’t accomplish miracles (See electricity, organized government, Taco Bell, etc.) through prayer. Humans are capable or though, logic, and understanding. However most people seem to be incapable of simple humility. If someone asked me “Why are we here?” They’d get a smartass answer like “To keep Taco Bell afloat” or, if I were serious, “I don’t know.” If you ask someone who bases his/her life on religion you’d get a confident answer with something close “To serve God.”

Is that our purpose? How the fuck am I supposed to know? But these people of faith… they know the answer. Why do they know this? Because they believe an outdated book that when taken literally is found to be riddled with parts that just don’t add up (The age of the Earth, historical facts, etc.)

In the event that you want another old book that cannot be taken literally:

More fiction

Here’s another issue: The belief that religion does a lot of good.

It would be nice if people could read the few parts of religious texts that are about being a decent person (not just unwilling faith to someone you’ve never directly communicated with.) Unfortunately religion carries a lot more harm than good. Religion is an institution based on hypocrisy. Most religions preach against killing, yet religion is the basis behind most of the killing in the world. Shit, Islam talks frequently about “killing the infidels”. Yeah there’s tolerance, killing all of those who don’t believe in the same god as you.

Look at these religious “Activists”

How can people dedicate their lives to such bold statements without ever closely examining everything?

I’m not saying all religion is wrong, I’m saying there’s a good chance that it is. What’re the odds of humans (keep in mind that humans wrote all religious doctrine) writing something over 2000 years ago that holds true to this date?

In the end all that I’m saying is don’t bet your lives on things that don’t add up in your own mind.

Deceptive huh?

Think for yourself.