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Lack of Updates…

10 Sep

There’s been a decent slowdown in the updates on here recently and hopefully that’ll improve soon. Things have just been hectic out here, even more than usual.

In the mean time here’s Oreo.

Oreo keeping warm

She gets cold throughout the night and decides the only way she wants to stay warm is by laying in the blinds to my patio. This wouldn’t be so bad if that didn’t let in a shitload of light that usually wakes up me along with whoever else is staying here. I can’t bitch too much though, it’s here place and not mine after all. Bitch


The Champ: Oreo

17 Aug

Oreo is my cat, she lives with me in my apartment. Actually, she pretty much lets me live in her apartment. That fucking bitch. She’s a sweetheart to people, but if you bring any animal over she’ll fuck him/her up. Oreo’s got a bigger kill list than a rice rocket in the valley. Back to Oreo, she’s the reigning champ and has been for all 15 years that she’s been with us.

The champion resting.

We love you Oreo!