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Delete last clip…

17 Aug

I’ve had a Panasonic HPX-170 as my video camera for a while now and lately a new problem has come up. The amazing “delete last clip” button has died. I guess that’s what I get for filming BMX and American cars. This camera paid the price for people never doing things first try. The truth is, that comes with the territory. All I can do is be glad I’m not a skate filmer or that button would’ve been done for in the first month.

My HPX-170

My Panasonic HPX-170


Old Shit: Driveway Days

16 Aug

Here’s an old edit of me riding in front of the house I just moved out of. I had just got my Panasonic HPX-170 in the mail and wanted to play around with it and learn how to use it. Unfortunately nature had other plans and the weather was complete shit for the first day. I was lucky enough to have a few dry minutes outside before rain forced me to move inside. The next day, the usual California weather returned so a dry driveway session was in order.