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Worlds First HDR Video…

13 Sep

Of course YouTube ruins it, hopefully I will have a direct link soon.

I am not so sure what to think, mostly because I question the quality via youtube.

That is all. I am hungry.


If World War 2 had a facebook…

28 Aug

I think this one speaks for itself…

More BTBAM: Laser Speed

25 Aug

Laser Speed is the last song on Between The Buried and Me’s Album “Alaska”. Like I said before, these guys can play anything and this bossa nova style song is a perfect example…. All hail BTBAM!!!!

Metal Monday: BTBAM “White Walls”

23 Aug

Nevermind the stupid video… It’s Metal Monday… Here’s some Between the Buried and Me, easily one of the most talented bands on the planet. They can literally play anything…

A Minute with Oreo

20 Aug

RawDogPresents a minute of footage of Oreo.