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Music I’m Diggin

15 Sep

It can’t always be death and destruction over here at the Raw Dog Blog. I listen to such a large variety of music I’m constantly searching for that next sound that really catches my attention. Mouse On The Keys is a group out of Tokyo that just simply shreds. Listen to their song “Spectres de Mouse” and enjoy.


Metal Monday

30 Aug

I recently got the new Parkway Drive album “Deep Blue”… nice and heavy. Just how I like it.

By the way, the new Within the Ruins album drops tomorrow, called “Invade” . Go buy it.

More /b/ finds today… Mostly Meme’s.

30 Aug

Simply awesome…

Bears like blow

Jesus was in the village people...

The world's only emo kid without anorexia...


Gay Marriage: Who Cares? Apparently Jesus Does…

20 Aug

I have been reading a lot lately about gay marriage and the constant sword fight that has been going back and forth in our judicial system. Unfortunately our bureaucracy is infested with bible thumping politicians who are stuck on the belief that “Jesus hates fags”…

I personally have no problem with the homosexual community and really don’t care what they do. I have neighbors and friends that are gay and they are nice normal people who are not out to attack heterosexuality. They simply like other dudes or other girls. They are born that way. That’s it.

I believe that they gays have every right to be just as miserable as most married couples are in the United States. They should be entitled to the same tax benefits and financial options of being in a marriage. Let’s not forget that marriage is something that is authorized by the state, not by any religion. Priests and Rabbi’s are given permission to perform the ceremony from the governing body. It is only the religious fundamentalists who don’t want this to happen.

The Christians and other religious organizations are under the impression that if gays are able to get married, it will destroy the very fabric of society; this of course is not true. Being gay is not a communicable disease or plague that will infect straight people and make them fashion conscious and give them a sudden desire to buy a red Miata. They simply are born having an interest in the same sex.

2 Reasons Gay Marriage Will Not Affect Society:

Gay people cannot procreate:

Gays are not physically able to make children. Nor are they Asexual. I think if there were married gay couples, they might adopt and improve children’s lives by offering them a home and a loving family. They are humans and have the same ability to care as a heterosexual couple.

The Sanctity Of Marriage:

This term is just plain bullshit. If marriage  is so sacred, why is there over a 40% divorce rate in our country? Is marriage really that sacred when websites like Ashley Madison exist? Gay people will have the same ups and downs as any marriage would. Marriage is a commitment between two people that they will love and care about each other for the rest of their lives. Why not two people of the same sex? They have souls…(Unless they are gingers of course)

For most of you who know me, you know that I love my country. I would love my country even more if people weren’t so brainwashed by a book. Alex and I both think for ourselves.. You should too.

Blog post from class… Sweet.

19 Aug

First off school is fuckin lame. The only reason that anyone should go to college is to find strange. For our new readers, “finding strange” is the equivalent of “chasin’ pussy” as my uncle would say. After spending $250 on books this morning I’m pretty pissed off… I feel like I just got a “pink sock” from the Ventura County College District… Go ahead and look up pink sock on urban dictionary. It’s incredibly awful. Back to art
appreciation for me… As far as I’m concerned, the guy who designed the Yaris is the only real artist alive. Take that Van Gogh… Make sure you save the only ear you have left so you can here the Yar rice by your house at 1am.
– Sent from my IPhone (because they’re fuckin sweet)

Ode to Yaris: aka Gnaris

16 Aug

Everyone knows that the Toyota Yaris is one of the most purpose built race machines ever created. I’ve owned two and am currently waiting to get mine out of impound. Here’s the story:

So last Friday I was up in Mulholland with my friend Russell aka Team SadFace 😦 and two soon to be 40 year old Virgins. We did a slow run up to the lookout only to find the usual suspects; a bunch of fuckin shit heads from Thousand Oaks who think it’s cool to go to the lookout and drink beer they stole from their parents and shine laser pointers. These are the same kids that most likely own a fleshlight.

So I decide to leave the virgins to their grab-ass and talk of the river, and go down the hill to enjoy all 106 hp that the Gnaris has to offer. I turn around near the Rock Store and make my way up the hill. As I figured the Yaris handled the corners at speed with no problems and made it to the top back  to park near the adopted teenagers (I mean come on, their parents couldn’t possibly love them). As I waited at the top of Mount Gets-No-Strange, I watched a Subaru and an RX8 make their way up. The RX8 parked, and the 08 WRX Hatch took off.

No more than 5 minutes later CHP rolled in from everywhere. They took all our ID’s and told me that my car was impounded and that I was going to jail. FUCK… Team Sad Face left with the Safe Zone twins and I sat in the cop car with handcuffs behind my back. The cop was on some kind of power trip and wrote me up for “Speed Contest”… I wasn’t racing anybody. So what if I broke the sound barrier?! All joking aside, I spent the night in jail explaining to two mexican kids from Oxnard how there is nothing cool about being arrested. They still don’t get it. The night in jail was miserable with no shoes, and it being about 60 degrees in the cell. I slept on a pad with a sheet and a shitty blanket. I woke up at 6am to be greeted by a relatively hot female guard who brought me a PBJ. Finally 9:30am rolled around they released me. Craig was there to pick me up and gave me a hug. As shitty as he acts sometimes, he is a racer at heart too.

 The Yaris is currently in impound until September 6. It’ll be $1500 to get it out… FML. Can’t wait to Yaris again.

The First Weekly: Metal Monday

16 Aug

For those of you who know me, you know I like to get metal… Every Monday will feature a new song that will melt your balls off…  The first of these songs is by All Shall Perish entitled “The True Beast”. I’m pretty sure it’s just a song about Brandon Taylor’s enormous genitalia… Enjoy!

An Evening At Yolandas…

16 Aug

Yolanda’s is a restaurant in Simi… A restaurant that is down to party. And I had some beer… for America.


Hot Shower