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Toddler Time: Glen and the Wall

17 Aug

You’ve gotta love when you find new things to do at old spots. We took Glen back to this spot that we’ve ridden countless times and once again he found something else to do. Here we have two toddlers working together just so one can send himself off of a wall. Look out for the footage of this in an upcoming edit.

Anthony helping Glen go for it


Toddler Time: Day with Glen

16 Aug

Glen came out to shred today despite the ridiculous heat. Despite barely being old enough to drive, this kid sends it.

Glen's bike chilling with Rubasu.

Once we got to the spot, we got the cameras out and decided to get shit cracking.

Glen at Chaparell

Filming the toddler

Glen was down to send it regardless of how fucking hot it was.

Glen tossing the bars over the sidewalk.

We got a few clips then packed it up to resume the MX v. ATV Reflex session.