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Worlds First HDR Video…

13 Sep

Of course YouTube ruins it, hopefully I will have a direct link soon.

I am not so sure what to think, mostly because I question the quality via youtube.

That is all. I am hungry.


If World War 2 had a facebook…

28 Aug

I think this one speaks for itself…

Juggalos n’ shit

18 Aug

It’s like a carnival with clowns, but for big people, actually…old people because small people are there too, actually they aren’t old either they are just random ass mother fuckers. They do stuff, and shit. After watching this video, you may be thinking to yourself…these people are useless. Well, at Juggalo Fest 2010 or what ever the fuck its called, they proved they have a place in this world…and I now present you a picture for proof.


Juggalo Creation

You may be asking to yourself, why the hell is there an alien with a nice rack, bleeding from the upper most end of the body, clutching a microphone? Or, if you are like me, you are just wondering where aliens buy titties from. Well, I suppose the story goes that Tila Tequila was to unveil her new music career here at this Juggalo fest shit, and when she went to perform she was pelted with water bottles, rocks, and feces (still to be confirmed whether the feces was of human origin or not). I can only assume the titties popped out as a distraction to get off the stage, but it didn’t work as they were not painted clown like and the Juggalos had no interest and she had to resort to continuing to make noise into the mic to make her way out. The nice young President helping her out coincidently just scored a bangin’ deal on some alien titties.